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Willam Belli creates sister magic in makeup tutorial

By The Diva
Published November 9, 2014

Few queens give more attitude than Willam Belli. The sarcasm & real talk is what has captivated audiences since Ms. Belli first appeared on the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. A #dragstardiva in her own right, this catty princess leaves nothing to the imagination, and drops soundbites that will leave you speechless.

In a recent YouTube video, Belli transforms infamous Vlogger Shane Dawson into an eerie version of herself. Throughout the seven minute clip, Dawson pokes for quirky responses from Belli by showing her pics of other YouTubers and asking what she thinks they do. Needless to say, Belli delivers.

Belli is known for quick, sloppy-to-stunning makeup tricks, and Dawson is quick to judge before seeing his final results. Self-proclaimed heterosexual, Dawson seems to enjoy his transformation. Who wouldn’t enjoy some tips and chat with the queen of catty.

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