Recall Chichi Rodriguez walking through her neighborhood, having beer bottles thrown and derogatory slurs yelled, as she raced into last place in the beloved To Wong Foo. One, we suggest flats until you step onto the strip.  But if you didn’t know most drag queens have to haul their couture, stilettoes, jewelry and hair to the moon all on their own to their perspective venues.

And if you’re not a cheap queen or a butch queen, then you got priceless gems, besides that money maker, to secure. I’ve seen some precooked mugs strutting past an adjacent bar and think she is too fierce to be rolling her non-TSA approved luggage two blocks from the stage. Should there possibly be assigned drag star parking?


Thanks to the love and generosity of Uber now you won’t have to. This weekend, Uber is voicing their concern for safety, acceptance and value of these drag artists.

They have kindly offered to transport Divas (and their fellow gay followers, allies, and anyone else wanting to celebrate) and their wardrobe for free (up to a $20 value) to and from LGBT establishments, ensuring our sweetheart performers continue to entertain and uplift our communities.

See the official announcement here.

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