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Shante You Stay: Logo unveils RPDR All Stars Season 2

By The Diva
Published June 17, 2016

Start your engines…

Halleloo, Party, HIEEE, and back rolls! Child they have finally arrived. Decked out, grown up, and more glamourous than ever, these 10 divas are back August 25,2016 as Logo premiers the long anticipated, fan requested All Stars 2.

Did your beauty queen, pageant queen or comedy queen make the cut? Check out the ladies below:

Adore Delano_FAdore Delano 26, the season 6, charismatic, pop songstress returns for a shot at the crown. Recall, Adore couldn’t sew to save a beer can, nonetheless her voice, and acting talents radiated brighter than her wardrobe and cinchless waistline. Get ready to Party!


Alaska_F Alaska 31, this season 5, fearless, shock queen has her claws ready to lend a helping hand to her competition. Alaska fans want to know, can we aasssskkkk you a queeestioonnnn? Could this be her chance to take the crown and create the first RPDR royalty couple?


Alyssa Edwards_FAlyssa Edwards 36, the season 5 pageant queen, choreographer and sultry Texan is dancing her way to the top. Painted to filth and ready to take the crown (watch out Coco Montrose), this bombshell leaves us with just one question: “Alyssa what’s your secret?


Coco_FCoco Montrese 37, yet another season 5, Vegas showgirl, and former Miss Gay America 2010 winner is ready to battle it out with the girls, take another crown. From the looks of things, it appears that Miss Coco forgot her orange highlight power. What say you, Alyssa?


Detox_FDetox 31, is this season 5 reunited, this silicone beauty has certainly  not “had it” when it comes to the All Star crown, and she’s polished those chops to push herself closer to the finish line. She’s fired up and ready to mingle, and her couture runway looks are sure to have you gagging.


GingerGinger Minj 29, season 7’s comedic genius, this voluptuous fashionista will grace the competition with all that Minj.  This Miss Gay United States 2013 will keep you laughing and entertained every drop of the  runway. She has just one request: No dance challenges.


Katya_FKatya Zamolodchikova 34, the season 7 Russian doll will battle it out again – Svedka-style. We heart Katya’s wit, generosity and wicked laugh. Remember when Ru called her on-stage before announcing the winner? Gag! We were sure as stroganoff she was going to win.


PhiPhi_FPhi Phi O’Hara 30, season 4, the Omarosa of drag, this combative diva is a ball of fire each time she hits the runway. Challenge is her middle name and yes she will answer every time. Ladies, beware of moving traffic as this Texas-born sweetheart is about to let you have it.


Roxxxy_FRoxxy Andrews 34, the last season 5 contestant promise, she stole our hearts when she broke down after the lip sync with Alyssa and gave us life when she revealed a second wig. She is a beautiful spirit and creamy not crunchy. Where are your people at? Patiently waiting of course.


Tatiana_FTatianna 27, season 2’s fishiest queen, has always been a fan favorite, and word on the street is she’s back and ready to rumble.  After six years of competition, and we are sure more than a few battles, Tatiana has developed into a diva in her own right. “Thank you.”


SO there it is Divas. A running list of your 10 All Stars.Did your queen make the list? We’re praying these Divas give us something to talk about. Shangela… can we get an amen?

Shangela gif

Tune in to see who will snatch the crown this August.

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