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Katy Perry Spotted at S4’s Rose Room Ahead Of Dallas Show

By Sean Charles
Published January 15, 2018


Ahead of her Dallas show, Katy Perry was spotted musing at S4’S Rose Room getting her drag fix. Needless to sayour SM feeds were filled with every angle of the sighting…we do mean every angle. In one post, however, her thunder was briefly stolen by a smiling side dish. YUM, and bon appetit henny.

No stranger to Dallas, Perry has featured Queens in her music before – most notability in her SNL performance. Thankfully, we live in a world of HD camera phones and FB Lives, so all those whose FOMO (fear of missing out, duh) nightmare was realized, can take a deep breathe.

Here are the some of the best shots we found on social media of the Dallas Katy Perry sighting.

Photo credit: courtesy of Luka O’Hara.








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