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Miami’s Pineapple Princess Talks with DSD About Style, Body Hair, And Drag Race

By Sean Charles
Published January 11, 2018

Are the pineapples sliced? Have you dusted the palm fronds? Is the pink lemonade over ice? Well I hope everything is ready before the Avon Lady comes knocking. After last week’s Instagram discovery of Queef Latina we became completely obsessed and we just could not resist a closer look.  The Pineapple Princess of Miami indulged Drag Star Diva with a chat about her obviously unique take on drag, what other queens have to say about it, and will Queef Latina be shaking things up on Drag Race.

Ladies And Gents…. Queef Latina


photo credit: Joshua Aronson

Drag Star Diva: First off, I have to ask the obvious, your drag aesthetic, who is Queef Latina?

Queef Latina: Queef Latina is your local Avon representative with a hairy secret – She’s an independent housewife, designer, Mom of House of Shame and is the CEO of ‘Queef Enterprises’. She never stops working!

DSD: Why the beard? Which is our favorite part of Queefy BTW…

QL: The beard is a very important part of my identity both in and out of drag. People ask me all the time if I would shave it, but my response is always the same… No! Without the beard and body hair I would lose what makes Queef unique. Why be a small fish in a big pond when you can be a big hairy fish in a small puddle?

DSD: The bearded queen has become such a movement, why do you think it’s become so popular?

QL: Bearded queens have become popular thanks to social media introducing it to the masses. Traditionally, to be a queen you had to follow a strict set of rules but now ‘Drag’ has evolved to be more inclusive of everyone, including the hairy girls such as myself. Humans are naturally hairy anyways, so why try to change yourself? Embrace it!

DSD: You are part of a group of bearded queens in Miami, who are your sisters?

QL: There are a lot of bearded queens in Miami! My main sisters (and idols) are certainly Hialeah’s Finest Juleisy y Karla. They started the queer / bearded movement here in Miami several years ago and have grown it to what it is today. Without their encouragement and support from day one, Queef would not exist. Check them out on YouTube!

DSD: How do other queens react when they see your particular look?

QL: It depends what city/scene I’m in, but the reaction is usually skeptical at first. Recently, someone who just met me called me “Impactful”, which was a good way of describing  the first time meeting Queef.

DSD: Have you ever been met with any negativity from other queens because of your look?

QL: Oh yes, all the time. I get negative comments regularly, and have been told on many occasions that I shouldn’t call myself a drag queen since I have a beard and don’t follow traditional drag rules. I don’t let it get me down because at the end of the day, I’m blessed to be fully booked and working some amazing events with very talented people all around the country. One of my favorite saying is ‘Bless those who curse you”.

DSD: How do you define what drag is?

QL: of… what IS drag? I believe the term has evolved over time and now is an umbrella for many different things. I would personally describe drag as a very empowering tool to grow yourself and who you strive to be. Because the way life works, we can’t spend every day of our lives as who we really truly see ourselves, but drag lets that that inner artist come out from time to time and it is such an amazing feeling to be praised for being yourself.

photo credit: Joshua Aronson

DSD: Who are some of your Drag Role Models?

QL: There are so many amazing girls out there that it’s hard to narrow down to just a few! I certainly look up to my Brooklyn girls Merrie Cherry, Untitled, and Horrorchata for creating a very inclusive and creative community. They truly made me feel welcome when I was in a very awkward part of my life, and I cannot thank them enough for that.

DSD: Your Instagram feed has become very popular for what you wear, where do you find those amazing pieces?

QL: I am a tailor by trade, so I make a majority of my outfits from scratch. When time is tight, I go thrifting and find pieces that I can alter. I am also fortunate to live in a community with talented designers and stylists that are always down to dress me such as @caseyyalater @the_danny_santiago @chaplintyler @pablomachado_palomeque_ @nivero_ @khasamarina @ssikdesigns

DSD: Your feed is very editorial; how do you compose such great photos?

QL: I spend a lot of time on social media (surprise) and therefore I have learned from following a lot of other queens on how to curate a page. There are a handful of amazing photographers in south Florida that I really enjoy working with and always help me bring my vision to life. When I do a shoot, I make a mood board, spend at least a month or two gathering props, making outfits and fine tuning the details. I don’t like to rush things, so sometimes 6 months can pass from the start of a shoot until I officially post it. it’s well worth the wait!

photo credit: Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera

DSD: You are known for spreading positivity, you even did a YASSS GAGA performance, I stumbled upon on YouTube tell me about that?

QL: Sean Fader, a Brooklyn artist and longtime friend was showing at the Satellite Art Fair during Art Basel 2016 and asked me to be a part of their performance titled “Yaas! Gaga!”. In the performance, I was set up in the lobby of the hotel and had a men’s choir behind me repeating everything I said. As people walked into the fair, I yelled “Yaaasss gaga! Work!!!!” all while it was being live-streamed. The two hour performance was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in drag, yet would do it all again in a heartbeat!

DSD: Ever think about taking Queefy on the road?

QL: I do occasionally travel for drag, but due to my full-time day job it becomes hard to really go ‘on tour’. I have been fortunate to do drag in multiple cities (and in Cuba) however for the time being, I like to stay focused on building my community here in Miami.


photo credit: Joshua Aronson

DSD: What are some of your favorite lip sync songs?

QL: There is a local musician here in Miami, Poorgrrrl, who I very much love and have performed several of their songs. They’re always my go-to!  I’ve also done some songs by Brooklyn artist Macy Rodman, and most recently performed “Loner” by Kali Uchis.

DSD: Ok, I have to also ask which I’m sure everyone and their drag mothers ask, but, any Drag Race Aspirations?  You sure would make for a fresh face….

QL: I love Drag race and watch every season, but I am not one for competitions. I very much like doing things at my own pace and on my own time, and would not do well under the pressure of a competition like Drag Race. I don’t think that is the best way of showing yourself as an artist (however it makes for great TV!)

DSD: Let’s talk face, what are some of your go to makeup brand?

QL: I use the usual culprits – MAC, Urban Decay, Ben Nye, Inglot, NYX, Elf. My drag daughter Jupiter Velvet is really the one to guide me on makeup – Queef wasn’t always as glam as she is now, so I have Jupiter to thank for that!

DSD: Favorite go to shoes?

QL: Pleasers, hands down. I can wear a pair of pleasers for hours on end.

DSD: Favorite go to wigs?

QL: I get wigs from all over- but my most recognizable and dramatic wigs have been made by Serena Chacha. She always come thru, and the best part is that she’s local!

DSD: Any exciting new ventures coming up for Queefy?

QL: Yes! In less than a month is WIGWOOD, an annual queer festival that I started with my friend and business partner Adam. Modeled after its sister festival Bushwig, it is a weekend full of drag shows, queer bands, live acts, and vendors. Make sure to book your ticket for Feb 2-4! Other than that, I’m working on two documentaries as well as a few secret projects – stay tuned!


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Photo Credit: Dario K 

Cover Photo credit: Dario K 

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