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RUcap All Stars 3 Episode 1: Gagged and Gooped

By Sean Charles
Published January 28, 2018

It’s happening!! RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 has finally arrived.

Are you gagging yet, or as Aja has said…GOOPed? Every Queen on the third installment of the Drag Race spinoff has earned their “All Star” keep. Milk found a new bff in the fashion god that is Marc Jacobs, Trixie Mattel launched her best-selling Folk album (which admittedly is pretty good), and of course, Shangela’s box – we get it Mary.

For the most part, every queen has had their moment but there are a few in the mix this season that has all of us at the Drag Star Diva headquarters scratching our heads. Both Chi Chi Devayne and Aja are both seeking RUdemption, and it appears that even, Morgan McMichaels, the quick-witted queen from season 2, is perhaps seeking a renewal of fame. What say you Mystique? At least we know she’s still alive – right Tyra Sanchez?

Perhaps the biggest gagger is the 10th Queen announcement – who we were assuming was going to be announced at the show’s end until Ru simply ripped it off like a Brazilian wax strip. So much hype surrounded the mystery of the 10th Queen, and divas across the globe were waiting with baited breath and gay gasp.

Fan-favorite Valentina and sweet girl Pork Chop, among other names, were thrown about and TBH, we didn’t even come close.


Cue Camerooooon!


Straight from the African kingdom, the first ever winner of RPDR, Bebe Zahara Benet, completes the All Stars 3 cast. Face cracked, shooketh, gagged and gooped, a winner, is in the game. Which means Bebe will be the first to potentially snatch two crowns. Some divas out there had speculated that Ms. Benet would return, but no one thought the work room doors would open to RUveal her in all her Oprah-esque glory.

The game just got real, ladies.

What does Bebe have to RUdeem, outside of being on the inaugural, so-blurry-everyone-looks-like-they-are-covered-in-vaseline season that no one has ever seen? While we all may have disregarded season 1, we certainly all now know Cameroon.

It seems this season will be following the same format as the last.  The top two will be lip-syncing for their legacy leaving the fate of the loosing queens to the lip-sync winner. Morgan McMichaels siding with the strategy that really stirs the drama says she’ll kick off the most talented if she finds herself on top. This is the ideal “shadiest” situation to kick off the real competition, but for the sake of “friendship” and honesty, vote for the lesser scoring queen – yeaaaah, not happening.  With that said, Bye Morgan.

A twist of fate no doubt, considering Morgan’s words at the very beginning of this first episode.But doesn’t that just mean that she was the tough competition.

Real talk: Did you think Morgan would be the first to munch it? I mean, considering Chad Michaels, Morgan’s mother, is the Bebe of All Stars.

Needless to say, we have been sucked right back into Drag Race world, and we are thirsty for more (cut to Morgan’s goodbye speech being interrupted).  Should we expected another mirror-moment?

We hope so!


Stay tuned each and every week as we break down all the back-stabbing, cut-throat gotcha moments. Trust us, there will be plenty.

Below, Bebe catches us up with what this Squirrel-friend has been up to. 


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