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IG: @DesmondIsAmazing

By Sean Charles
Published February 13, 2018

The Desmond Domination has begun. Born in 2007, this little queen is growing up in a world that has always had iPhones, Lady Gaga, and of course Drag Race.

Oh, to be young again, and gurl, we mean young. Desmond Napoles, AKA Desmond is Amazing, come through drag name, has been popping up on our radar for some time now, in particular at last year’s New York Drag Con, when he snatched the attention of Mama Ru herself.  Since then, he seems to be coming for the gigs.

PS: watch out look queens he is even taking over Fashion Week.

Finding Desmond doesn’t just make us happy, but fills us with real hope that the queens of tomorrow – who are cutting to the chase and sinking their teeth in fierceness seemingly blind of gender and conformity – provide us with the security that as a community we will be fine.That whatever political climate and society quake may be happening , we are reassured that this too  shall pass. As to the parents who allow self-expression, they too are letting us know that even in this world, the next generation of queens are in very good hands.

Desmond is amazing honey… EAT IT WORLD!

Photo Credit: Out Magazine

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