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Happy International Women’s Day: This Month Belongs To HERstory,

By Sean Charles
Published March 8, 2018

This month we celebrate our Judy’s, Mary’s, and best hunties. Women. This month is all yours kitty girls. Today is international Women’s Day  so get the drinks ready get your life and march for equality march for resistance, and march just to be seen and heard as a Woman of the Wurrrrl.  Since the Beginning of our struggle as members of the LGBT community, women were often the very first ones to speak up for us and with us. The Mothers, sisters, and besties of the Queer were on the front lines of battle. I mean really, thinking back to our high school days of being bullied it was usually our best girl friend who would rough things up in our defense. Gay men have always been protected by the ones we often attach ourselves too, women. We live for women so much that some of us have deiced to embody them as a career.

So as this month plays out we will stand by our sisters, we will remember the ones from the past, and embrace and encourage the ones in our future. In honor of Women’s History month we listed our Top 10 women who have stood with us in times of need, and listed some new names that are shaking things up in the resistance setting a new stage for equality.


For kicks, we are quoting one of the most understated feminist films!

“Women Inherit the Earth”- Dr. Ellie Sattler , Jurassic Park 


Gloria Steinem: The icon herself, Steinem has become sinoumoius with the word Feminist, not just a leader in the movement in the 1960s and 70s, she till this day is  a barrier breaker in more ways that one. One could call her MUTHA.


Edith Windsor: We lost a pioneer last September, a voice that has changed  our country landscape and caused a domino affect a cross the world. The Legalization of Same Sex Marriage was a tireless fight  for many, but for Edie, who was the lead plaintiff in The United Satets V. Windsor, this was quite literally a Life Long battle. Her case overturned Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act and what followed was history.

Elizabeth Warren:  Oh Elizabeth, In a post- 2016 election and a world that calls Trump a President, Warren, Senior U.S Senator of Massachusetts,  has been one of there fiercest voices out of Washington. We have to admit we can all sleep litter better at night knowing somewhere in D.C. Warren is resiting so hard.

Carmen Yulin Cruz: The Nasty woman herself, Mayor of San Juan Putro Rico, worked tirelessly in every and any effort to find relief after Hurricane Maria. Among one  of the worst natural disaster on record, Cruz a seemningly  unknown became a household name, and made the world know that her citizens were devastated to the point of death and the system designed to help had failed. Now a political Star on the rise we only hope Cruz Heads to Washington.

Chelsea Handler: Come on, We all know why she is on our. list, if theres anyone out there who is better equip at dropping f-bombs  in the face of anyone who dares to oppress is good ole’ kitty girl Chelsea.


Tarana Burke: Deep breathe on this one Burke the fire starter of the #MeToo movement has had one hell of a yearn that’s been a longtime coming. Its been said she first used the now famous hashtag in 2006. Two simple words, Me Too, started trending and with those words took down  an industry  that was infested  with sexual assault and harsseemnt it caught the country off guard and woke the world. To Hollywood, and any industry who dares to cross a line, will now think twice thanks to the women who come too and said “Me Too”. We have heard all voices and we are now saying We are With you TOO.


Nicole Raucheisen/Naples Daily News

Emma Gonzales: The voice of a new generation, who  at 18 is far beyond her years which is unrfortunate. Gonzales, instead of looking forward to College life and adulthood is instead  staring down the NRA and saying Enough is Enough. Mass-shootings  now has become as American as Apple pie, Emma is forced to step up and speak out. One of the youngest and loudest voices hopes to help in every effort to make gun laws as strict as possible. A survivor of Parkland Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, Her followers on twitter now out numbers the NRA. Emma’s voice is loud and we hear every word.

Jazz Jennings: The new tidal wave and trans voices. Youtuber, lets be real over all star, has become a significant young voice in Trans Visibly. Its been reported that Jennings was among the youngest Out trans public figures. Her channel has over 400k subscribers and continues to grow.

Carmen Perez: For over 20 years, Perez has marched, protested, and lead the way for the right of every civili liberty in the book. Currently the Co-Chair of one of the most visibile organizations in the country, she lead and made history when the Women;’s march in D.C. following the 2016 election. It spread like wild fire and   became a national phenomenon.

Malala Yousafzai: We have heard her story, we heard her speak, we have felt her humanity and empathy. After suruving a murder attempt by the Taliban, the journey that followed has transformed Yousafzai  into a Global voice of  peace. Today, she  begins a new joinery as a student of Oxford University.  The is only the start of this woman’s ability to change a world she has already touched so profoundly.

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