It’s Thursday and the thirst has a pinch of wanderlust and making us extra parched is our latest Instagram Mustache-Man who is serving some major Scruff Woofs. 

We feel a dry western breeze passing on through. Perhaps it was Shania Twain’s RPDR appearance  (In spite of that trump comment, we lived), Perhaps it’s Trixie Mattel’s new album One Stone making us feel all folky, or perhaps the fact that  queens from everywhere are heading out west for a chance at startdom. Today’s Instagram discovery is also to blame for some wild western feels. Johnny Junior better known as Westwood Cowboy  is making  us want to be tumbled around like them weeds this summer. Our whiskey smelling, chap wearing, mustache tickling man-fantasy is very real on his feed.  Just picture it: Tire goes flat on some middle of nowhere cowtown and we see Johnny across the street at the Casual Cactus Inn somewhere between California and Nevada waving us over. According to his bio, Johnny is  a Vivienne Westwood by day and Tom of Finland by night kind of guy  a combination we are very much behind. Not Into the west vibes wait to see Johnny’s other fashion lewks and his dragged-up pug Mamma Biscuit who  lets you have it every other post. Ladies and Gents  your Wild Wild West fantasy! 

A post shared by Johnny Junior (@westwoodcowboy) on

A post shared by Johnny Junior (@westwoodcowboy) on

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