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H&R Block Tweets in Support of Sex Work

By Alex Gonzalez
Published March 25, 2019

Spring is in the air, which means so are taxes, and like many millennials, I work various freelance gigs to make ends meet. Keeping track of all of your taxable W9’s is one thing, but knowing what to report is another. A simple misreport can lead to a fraud conviction, so when filing your taxes, it is important to do so with thoroughness and attention to detail. Sex work, like all work, is valid work, which means the money one makes from stripping, dancing, escorting, legal prostitution, and streaming video on the internet is taxable. While some may evade filing taxes in order to hide the fact that they do sex work, H&R Block is vocal in their goals to help provide answers to sex workers and give them the tools they need to file their taxes.

Last Thursday, H&R Block’s Twitter account shared a post in the form of a question asked in a Reddit AMA session. “I’m an exotic dancer who pays a cover fee of $30-$40 per shift,” the tweet read, “what type of form should I be filing?”

The tweet indicated that in this scenario, the dancer should file a Schedule C form, providing a link for anyone else who “ever wondered if body glitter is deductible.”

While different types of work require one to fill out different types of forms, H&R Block making a sex worker-positive post on such a large platform is a huge step in the right direction. For decades, sex workers have been looked down upon and their work has been invalidated. Afraid to ask for help, many sex workers are lost when filing their taxes. While H&R Block is one of the first large corporations to vocalize their support of sex work, it is not unlikely that other corporations will follow suit.

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