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Meet Kolby Jack Davenport: A Dallas crowd-favorite

By Alex Gonzalez
Published June 28, 2019

Based in Dallas, TX, Kolby Jack Davenport is a one-of-a-kind performer. Having first begun drag performance nearly three years ago, Davenport has become a local favorite, placing in the top three of this year’s The Queer Off competition at Sue Ellen’s.

“I like to say that Kolby is a very ‘cheesy’ queen,” says Davenport, “just like the cheese she is named after. Kolby Jack Davenport loves to be the life of the party and have a good time whether it be on stage or off. My drag can be described as stupid, yet polished. No matter how ridiculous I choose to act on stage I always want to make sure that my look is right and that I am sticking true to myself. Humor is a very important part of my persona. A lot of my inspiration comes from people and things that make me laugh because laughing is one of my favorite things to do.”

Davenport first discovered drag while watching Rupaul’s Drag Race. From the first moment, she was instantly hooked and developed a passion for transformation, acting, comedy, lip syncing and makeup.

“Personality is a major thing that goes into my performances,” Davenport says. “My performances are all about having fun. I always want to make sure the audience is connected and engaged and if that means making a fool of myself along the way, then so be it.”

While there are various components that go into a drag performance, Davenport believes that if there is no passion behind your work, then there in no value.

“A lot of queens will do the same thing week after week but as for me, I’m not afraid to try new things,” Davenport says. “And if it doesn’t happen to go as well as I had hoped I learn from it and apply it to the next performance. I always want to give my best but I’m also not scared to laugh at myself along the way.”

In the short time since Davenport’s drag debut, she has become one of Dallas’ staple queens, however, she believes that no matter the caliber of your acclaim, there is always room for one to hone their craft.

Photo credit: David Torres

“Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither is a good drag performer,” Davenport says, “there is always room to improve, learn new things, and to better your craft.”

Having quickly become one of Dallas’ most booked and sought-after queens, Davenport is still hungry for more. She credits her success to her friends, as well as the family she has chosen for herself.

“My friends are truly what [inspires] me to keep going and to push myself my drag to the next level,” Davenport says. “Whether it be coming to some or all of my shows or just boosting my on social media, having an amazing system of people that love and that support me has made all the difference in my drag career and I would be nowhere near the queen I am today without the help of those around me that have inspired me to better myself.”

You can catch Davenport every Thursday at Rising Star at Rose Room.

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