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Chasing Rainbows with Jenny Block: Learning How to Be That Unicorn

By The Diva
Published June 4, 2020

You’re not perfect and that’s fine says Jenny Block, author of Be That Unicorn: Find Your Magic, Live Your Truth, and Share Your Shine. In a time of self reflection and uncertainty, Block’s book comes at the time we all need it most.

“We are in a really rotten place right now,” Block says. “All of it seems to be coming from some people thinking they’re better than others.”

Be That Unicorn, BTU for short, shows you how to find and be your true authentic self when it comes to work, love, dating, traveling and more. With over 10 chapters of guidance, this book is for anyone who is open with change, whether they are gay, straight, young or old. 

“My book is about one thing,” Block says. “It’s about mirroring back the version of themselves that other people want to see.”

Inspiration for BTU came at an unexpected time for Block. It was during her time as a sex columnist that she discovered her true passion for helping people find their inner unicorn.

“I got into the sex writing thing backwards but I don’t know if it was really my thing,” she says. “My thing is telling people they’re great; they’re no greater than anybody else and that you’re allowed to do you.”

When it came down to writing the book, Block noticed that there were only two types of books for readers, “fuck it” or “ignore it”.

“That really wasn’t my vibe,” Block says. “The book I wanted to write; the platform I wanted to have; the person I wanted to be was more ‘life is real’. Sometimes you’re not gonna like it but you have two choices, prance or plop.” 

Amongst the many pages of BTU, Block breaks down each chapter into 10 points to help you discover that inner unicorn. While there may be a chapter that does not resonate with you at the moment, you owe it to yourself to read each chapter at least once. 

Block hopes that those who read the book spend an afternoon with the book and mark it up with their notes so they can reference any chapter during their journey of discovering their inner unicorn. 

In a time of #instahotties and celebrity obsession, it can make one feel as if they are not enough or strive for an unattainable goal. It comes with the territory of the digital age but Block wants to remind us all to thrive. 

“I don’t think the Kardashians have done us any favors,” Block says. “I have a 21-year-old daughter who I tried to show what is real and what isn’t. It’s just so loud out there. 

“In all that noise I just wanted to be one voice,” Block added. “I wanted a chance for people to say ‘I’m fine, I’m not perfect’.”

As many can agree, we are over 2020 and ready for the new year. While many are still at home, Block says that quarantine could be the ideal time to discover your inner unicorn. 

“If quarantine ends tomorrow are you going to be able to look back and say ‘I made the best of a shitty situation’,” Block says. “You need to go inside [yourself] to figure out what’s happening. I’m trying to find my deepest unicorn too.

“‘Who do I really want to be when all this is done’ is the question we need to ask every morning,” Block continued. “You have to keep yourself sane and your inner unicorn knows how to do that.”

She added that this is the time to do what you have always wanted to do or never had time for. Block also mentioned that BTU is being honest with yourself, who you want to be.

“It’s an investment that you’ll make in yourself,” Block says. “It’s not easy to hear that you’re not ‘bestest in the world’ like your mama told you. You are great as you are, just like everyone else is.”

“We have to start leading with kindness,” Block added. “This book will help you to do that, no matter how lousy everything else is.” 

Block currently resides outside of Houston with her wife, Robin, and their two dogs. To learn more about Jenny Block or to purchase a copy of Be That Unicorn: Find Your Magic, Live Your Truth, and Share Your Shine, visit

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