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Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy shines light on the It Gets Better Project

By The Diva
Published February 13, 2021

Dany Levy joins the band of LGBTQ+ celebrities to remind gay youth that while times may be tough, it will get better.

Recently, Saturday Night Live guest host Dan Levy, along with his queer cast mates, took a moment to shine a light on LGBTQ+ non profit, the It Gets Better Project. The skit features Bowen Yang, Kate McKinnon and Punkie Johnson alongside Dan and revisits the viral social media campaign that launched the organization over a decade ago. Watch the video below.

We’ve previously covered other It Gets Better contributors, including Canada’s Drag Race superstar Kyne Santos. Watch their video here.

The SNL skit assured viewers that while it does get better for LGBTQ+ youth, that doesn’t mean that life is perfect. From Dan’s fear of income tax, to Bowen being tormented for his taste in music, to Kate’s hilarious battle with an iguana – it’s safe to say reaching adulthood can be an uphill battle. 

Levy quickly became an icon among the LGBTQ+ community with his witty banter (and ridiculously fabulous wardrobe) in the hit POP series, Schitt’s Creek. The Canadian sitcom launched in 2015 and ran for six successful seasons.

As popularity grew for the hit series, so did the anticipation of how the writers would mold the storyline for Levy’ character David, and his on-screen boyfriend Patrick, played by Noah Reid. Can anyone forget that amazing serenade scene?

The It Gets Better Project is proud to continue to uplift, empower and connect the next generation of LGBTQ+ youth. After seeing the hysterical skit, Brian Wenke, Executive Director for the It Gets Better Project, shares that he “is honored to be a part of an organization that continues to maintain relevance 10 years after the viral social media campaign that gave it life.”

The It Gets Better Project is an essential source of validation and support for queer youth around the globe, and we’re excited to continue to amplify these voices.

Get involved here.

Cover Photo: NBC

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