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Have the Stars Aligned? Meet the Queens of RPDR All Stars Season 8

By Tay Lynn Monroe
Published May 5, 2023

*Tongue pop*

We are BACK BABY! And so are these queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 8! So first, let me start by saying if you haven’t watched Promo Day re-introducing this season’s queens; you have to go back and watch it. It seems everything about these queens, except Heidi n Closet’s lips, have changed since we’ve last seen them, and they are BIGGER and BETTER than EVER!!!

The 12 queens competing this season are Heidi N Closet, Mrs.Kahsa Davis, Naysha Lopez, Kahanna Montrese, Kandy Muse, Darienne Lake, Monica Beverly Hillz, Jaymes Mansfield, Alexis Michelle, Jessica Wild, Jimbo, and Lala Ri

Many have said they learned from their previous mistakes and have taken the art of Drag to a whole new level. This season seems like they are focusing on themselves, finding friendships, and being role models for viewers.

So, what’s changed with the queens?

First, just about everything has changed with Kahanna Montrese; from the eyebrows to the hips to the teeth, it’s all been done. And she is serving looks this season. Next, a big shout out to Mrs. Kasha Davis because even though, “there’s always time for a cocktail”, she hasn’t had one in seven years! She is celebrating her eighth year of sobriety this year and wants to show viewers that you can change your life for the better but still be absolutely fabulous (and drop-dead gorgeous) while doing so. And Canada is in the house?! YES. Jimbo and her BIG…. Personality… is here this season. She is motoring things up on this boat and is known for pushing any and all boundaries. 

All feelings are out in the open and it’s only promo day! The shadiest queen goes to the one and only Naysha Lopez! The queens voted and even Naysha agreed… it’s only fitting because she is ready to do anything and everything to get her crown. 

It is so hard to not mention every single one of these queens. I’m telling you, you NEED to watch this Promo because there’s nothing like seeing their entrance with your own eyes. 

With O.G. queens, The Muse, The Golden Boot, former Ms.Continental, the Montrese line… it’s all adding up to be the season everyone has been waiting for.

The eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ on May 12, 2023.

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