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The Queens are here & the Claws are OUT!

By Tay Lynn Monroe
Published May 22, 2023

OKAY we have a lot to cover so sit down and buckle up. 

These past two episodes of RuPauls All Stars Drag Race season 8 are starting off HOT, and the claws are out.

So first, let’s cover how this season will be playing out. The winner on All Stars Season 8 will win $200,000, a year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup, and a spot in the drag race hall of fame. Each week a top All Star will be chosen to face a top secret lip sync assassin. If the All Star wins the lip sync battle, they will choose which queen gets the chop. If the lip sync assassin wins, the queen whom the group votes to go home must leave. BUT it doesn’t end there. The voted out queens have the option to contribute to the Fame Games, where they showcase outfits they would wear for the challenges. The fans will choose the winner of the Fame Games, and the winner will receive a $50,000 prize! 

So let’s jump in. And be forewarned there will be spoilers in this. So, “go cry about it” if you haven’t seen them.

Since we are covering two episodes in one blog, I’m picking my favorite events from each episode to go in depth then honey, you will have to go watch the rest for yourself… mkayy? 

The first mini challenge was Famous Then Vs. Famous Now. These queens had to choose a look for both categories and impress the judges with their creativity. My Top two queens for the overall challenge were LaLa Ri’s Famous Then look and Kahanna Montrese’s Famous Now look. LaLa Ri outdid herself and was dripping in glamor from head to toe in a silver sparkle dress with hints of feathers at the bottom. It was the perfect touch of old school Hollywood we all needed to see. She really was in her “bag” compared to her golden boot looks of the past. Kahanna Montrese had the best sexy spin off of Lil Nas X. I loved this style because you could understand the reference, yet she made it her own. The creativity was seen, and when she walked in, the room filled with awe. Sorry Lil Nas but Kahanna wore it best. 

My bottom two queens for this section were Darienne Lake’s Famous Now look and Alexis Michelle’s Famous Now look. Darianne Lake… GIRL what were you thinking?! I get that Billie Eilish is also a queen but this is All Stars ! We are looking for Billie STYLEish. Great effort, but it was a flop. Alexis Michelle’s Kim K Met Gala look was literally just that… the Kim K Met Gala look. There was no personal twist or flair. Don’t get me wrong, Kim K is great for this section, but she should’ve walked on that runway with a bottle of champagne in her hands, a glass on her a$$ and recreated the iconic Paper Magazine cover. 

Caption Credit: Darienne Lake’s Instagram

The Top All Star of the week was Kahanna Montrese, while Darienne Lake and Monica Beverly Hillz were at the bottom. And to cut it short… Kahanna had to face Aja LaBeija and lost. Aja was flying and flipping all around that stage, while on the other hand, you could see the nervousness in Kahanna the entire time. The queen that the group chose to go home was Monica Beverly Hillz. (But if it were up to Kandy Muse, they both would have gone home??.)

The second episode with RDR Live, a Parody of the Saturday Night Live, stole the show. These were hilarious! 

My favorite acts, in order from best to worst, are: 

  • The Mcaw Girls Gardening Services
  • The Jersey Talk Show
  • The QNN News
  • The CDC 
Courtesy of Paramount Plus

The hosts, Kandy Muse and Mrs.Kasha Davis were cute, but I felt they would have been utilized better in a different skit. I think that the Character Pussy Jones should have been played by Kandy Muse because she has the bold and outgoing personality needed to pull off the vital character from the skit. 

The drama behind the making of the skits were top tier. Naysha Lopez and Heidi N Closet both wanted to be the news anchor, while nobody wanted to be Dr.Blackwell. Naysha threw hella shade at Heidi because she said she was the, “only one” who didn’t get the role she wanted. Which… valid, but again, I feel like this show is meant to push yourself in uncomfortable situations and own it no matter what that situation is.

This shade was noticed though, and alliances have already been made. Kandy Muse, Jimbo, and Heidi N Closet are alliances because they just finished touring together before season 8 of All Stars started. And then on the sly, Heidi and Lala Ri also made an alliance. 

The Top All Star of the week was Jimbo. I thought this was a good decision by Mama Ru because Jimbo slayed all her challenges. She was entertaining, creative and looked good while doing so. The Bottom 2 All Stars were Naysha Lopez and Kahanna Montrese. 

Jimbo had to face the secret lip sync assassin, Pangina Heals. RuPaul knew wtf she was doing because did y’all hear that evil laugh?!? Iconic honestly. 

But Pangina ended up winning the battle. It felt like Jimbo was running around confused the entire time. I’m starting to think these queens don’t want to win the challenge so they don’t have to pick who goes home. I get it, alliances are important early in the game but at the same time… MONEY HONEY. Would you sacrifice earning a sure $20k for $200k you might not win? 

Since Pangina won the battle, the group voted Naysha out of the game. I’m excited to see how Kahanna plans to step it up because you and I know she didn’t come to play; she came to win.  

Well that’s the tea! See you next episode.

Slay Bitches!

Cover image courtesy: Paramount +

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