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Was this dress worthy of the Golden Boot?

By Tay Lynn Monroe
Published May 29, 2023

“Shits gettin’ Gaggy!” 

On this week’s episode of RuPaul’s All Stars Season 8, things went very berry crazy. In episode 3, there was the Supermarket Ball. Most of these looks were to die for, while some made me want to “peel” over. But first, some tea we started the episode with:

To recap, the bottom two All Stars last week were Kahanna Montrese and Naysha Lopez. Naysha went home in episode 2, and the queens did a reveal from the box to see the deciding votes. Three people voted for Kahanna, and she straight-up called them out. “It [just] doesn’t make sense to [her]” why anyone would ever choose her to go home. Kahanna said there was no bad blood between herself, Jessica Wild, and Mrs.Kasha Davis butttt we can all see her blood boiling. (Like girl get over yourself, its a competition.) 

Some queen on queen tea is that Mrs.Kasha Davis and Darienne Lake made out at some point during their lives. I don’t know when, and I don’t know where, but truthfully I don’t think they know either.

Let’s get into the episode…

This week’s challenge was to make a fabulous outfit out of the items from the RuMart’s grocery bags. These bags were filled to the brim with just about everything you can think of. There were a lot of bright colors in this mix, which cautioned for danger with most of the queens. They believed it was a trap for a ridiculous outfit. Some of the queens stuck with only monotoned and earthy colors. 

People struggled with this challenge because some were unsure how to sew. But everyone felt a little better after reminding LaLa Ri of how awful her bag dress was the last time she did this part of the competition. 

The first competition of the night was LegenDAIRY Queens. 

Jessica Wild was the best dressed. The cereal and milk dress was unique and flawlessly put together. Everyone who dressed as a cow was predictable and boring. Except for LaLa Ri, her BDSM Cow made me laugh because who expects to see a BDSM COW?! Not me. 

The biggest flop of the first competition was Kandy Muse. I was not expecting to say this (because Kandy usually steals the show) but I did not like any of her outfits this entire episode. 

The second competition of the night was the Fruity Patootie category. 

Jimbo had everyone in a choke hold with her fruity ladies dress. This dress was creative and clever. My favorite look for this competition was Heidi N Closet. She looked adorable. The best strawberry shortcake I’ve ever seen! I want to be her for Halloween. If LaLa Ri’s bag dress was a costume, there needs to be Heidi’s strawberry shortcake costume!!! 

Photo courtesy of

The biggest flop for this competition were the cherry girls, Kandy Muse and LaLa Ri. This is yet again hard for me to say because LaLa and Kandy have become my favorite queens this season thus far ?. I feel like when you traditionally think of a cherry outfit, they steal the show every time. Their cherry fits were good but not great.

Finally, the last competition was the Supermarket Supermodel.

Jimbo yet again came out stuntin’.  Jimbo had a super cute frame-fitting artichoke and lettuce fit. Yes, it may have been attached to a corset but props for making it work. My favorite fit was Jessica Wild’s flower queen. She was ADORABLE. The pink, the flowers, the hair, it was all perfect!

Kandy’s outfit wasn’t my vibe. BUT- you can tell she was authentic, and worked with her skills. I liked this aspect of her outfit because I feel that an authentic queen goes far in this competition.

The biggest flop of this competition was probably Mrs.Kasha Davis and Lala Ri but for two completely different reasons. I stg Mrs.Kasha Davis was trying to get the golden boot of the season… and that’s all I will say. But Lala’s fit was just too safe for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s something I would wear on a day-to-day basis, but that’s my point. It was too safe for the competition and shadowed her bright personality.

Photo courtesy of Paramount +

Before we get into the results for the night, can we please talk about Mrs. Kasha Davis’s soppy, manipulative speech?! Girl, nobody fell for that. She knew she was going home.  If she wasn’t going home before the speech; she sealed the deal for everybody in that room. Even RuPaul said, “thanks for that”…Ig? 

The top All Star of the week was Jessica Wild. She showed out this round and deserved that spot. Jessica had to face Ra’Jah O’Hara, the lip sync assassin, and won! She got to take home $30k and chose who went home this week. 

This is the first time this season someone has had to choose.

The bottom two All Stars were Mrs.Kasha Davis (surprise surprise) and Darienne Lake. Mrs.Kasha Davis got the chop. I have a feeling she would have gone home either way. 

Well, queens, that’s the tea. See you next week for more info on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 8.

Slay Bitches!

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