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RuPaul’s Queens Have Gone Wild: in the best way;)

By Tay Lynn Monroe
Published June 12, 2023

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 8 is in full swing. These queens have been fiercely competing for a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame, a year’s supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup, and a cash prize of $200k. The stakes are up, and they are ready to do anything and everything to get to that crown.

In episodes four and five, the queens have gone crazy!

Starting with episode four, the girls had to get into groups and create, direct, and star in a movie trailer. The movie titles were:

Best Friends 4 Never was very raunchy. Even Michelle Visage had to tell these queens to hold back on their “head” forward approach. But they found a balance and made me not just LOL, but I was dying laughing. 

Run Queen Run was also very funny but in a different way. LaLa Ri and Heidi made me laugh like I used to laugh at dumb videos when I used to surf through YouTube to try to find “Try Not To Laugh” videos. It was dumb humor. I didn’t have to think about why it was funny, because it just was. 

Get Off Island had a unique spin to it. It was the most complex trailer out of all three. The complexity took away from the overall feel of the trailer, but I liked the idea. It was a bit much for RuPaul’s Drag Race, but if it became a mini-series on TikTok or Hulu, I would watch it.

My favorite runway competition yet was: A$$ the World Turns.

The Queens brought the heat with this competition. I honestly liked all of their looks. However, my top two favorite looks were: 

  • Kahanna Montrese because she looked stunning. The body, the gems, the Vegas spin. She did a good job taking off more when she had less clothing than the others. 


  • Jimbo because she stayed herself. She is known because of her BIG…personality… or something like that ( . )( . ). Butt she used those assets in all the right places. Jimbo made her look funny and authentic. 

And since I genuinely liked all of the looks, I don’t think anyone deserves to be called out for a least favorite look of the competition. 

One thing that irked me in this episode was Alexis Michelle’s speech while the judges critiqued her. While Alexis was speaking to the judges, she completely threw Darienne Lake under the bus for a bad idea regarding the plot of the movie trailer. I did NOT like this because it was all fake, and honestly, it came out of fear of losing. As the judges said, if she had a better idea, she should’ve stood up for herself and reasoned with others around her. 

Jimbo won the top All Star of the week. It is Jimbo’s second time winning. She has been stuntin’ and deserves it. 

The bottom three queens came from the group participating in the Get Off Island trailer. Since Jimbo lost the lip sync battle, the group chose Darienne Lake to get the chop. 

Now starting with episode five. This episode had a whirlwind of emotions mmkay?

Photo credit: The Pink News

First, some queens are feeling threatened by Jimbo’s ongoing success. Not only do they feel like they should have won, but these feelings are ruining alliances. At the end of the day, this is a competition, and I would want to win too.

Second, the box of votes revealed that every person voted for Darienne to go home. 

The competition of the night, Snatch Game of Love, was my favorite competition so far this season. The game focused on each queen creating a funny celebrity impersonation and then trying to charm the foxy snatchelor on the other side of the sugar wall.

In the first round, Jaymes Mansfield won with her Jennifer Coolidge impersonation. She killed it. It was so funny that I had to watch it again the next day. Also in this competition was Heidi as Blackbeard, Jessica as Iris Chacón, and Kahanna as CoCo Montrese. 

Kahanna was struggling to land her jokes and make the character work. Heidi, however, landed each joke every single time. Heidi did try a little hard to match the jokes that Kahanna missed, but it was rightfully so because if it is your time to show the judges your skill and personality, you gotta do what you gotta do. Yes, it was intense but also friendly competition. This fact is key for the tea later in the episode. 

In the second round, Jimbo won as Shirley Temple. As Michelle said, “It was wrong in all the right ways.” Also in this round were Kandy as Renee Graziano, LaLa Ri as Sukihana, and Alexis Michelle as Bea Arthur. 

The second round was far better than the first. These queens gave each other a run for their money. My personal favorite was Kandy Muse because of her attitude.

Photo credit: Vulture


After this competition is when shit got real. Kahanna confronted Heidi about her feelings regarding the competition. She felt like Heidi was kicking her when she was down. Her point was a little valid, but at the same time, you need to come to shine. I think, if Kahanna were landing her jokes and had witty responses to Heidi instead of staying quiet, there wouldn’t have been an issue. 

Heidi was also beefin with Kandy. Heidi claimed she had pipin’ hot tea about what Kandy said off-camera. And the truth came out. Heidi told Jimbo that Kandy mentioned to her that if Jimbo was voted at the bottom, Kandy would vote Jimbo out. 

Reminder: Jimbo, Heidi, and Kandy are supposed to be alliances. 

So when Kandy rebutted, Heidi asked Alexis Michelle what she thought. Alexis Michelle was there when Kandy told Heidi she would vote out Jimbo. However, Alexis was condescending about her answer. She first said yes, that Kandy did say that about Jimbo, but then changed her answer to no when Kandy confronted her about the situation. 

So what’s the truth??? We want to know!!!

After this drama-filled confrontation, Heidi is upset because Kahanna felt attacked by her and about the Jimbo and Kandy situation. She then decides to LEAVE THE ROOM. Heidi walked out and withdrew from the competition. She said that her happiness is more important than money. 

I respect Heidi’s decision because she felt the competition should be about love and support. When Kahanna felt attacked by her, she drew the line because she never wanted someone else to feel down because of her actions. 

Heidi leaving hit everyone hard, myself included. Heidi N Closet is an astounding drag queen. I think she could’ve been in the top three or won the competition. 

The last runway competition of the episode was RuVeal Yourself. In this competition, the queens had multi-complex outfits that got skimpier and funnier as they took them off. 

These looks were all… something else. I enjoyed watching this competition and think you will too. Watch for yourself and comment below if you also think Kandy had the best look and why;) 

In this episode, Jimbo won the top All Star again! This is her third time winning overall and now she has won twice in a row. She has been doing very well however is this going to put a target on her back?

Jessica Wild and Kahanna Montrese are the bottom two All Stars.

Jimbo lost the lip sync battle and so the All Star that was sent home was…. NO ONE!

Mama Ru decided all the queens were safe this week. But even though nobody went home… I wonder who everyone voted for ?. 

Well, queens, that’s the tea. See you next time for more info on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 8. 

Slay Bitches!

Feature photo credit: Glaad

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