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(Jecca) Blac Magic: Slaying the Beauty Game, One Queen at a Time

By The Diva
Published July 6, 2023

Ladies, gentlemen, and fabulous beings of all expressions, genders, sexualities, abilities, pronouns, shapes, and sizes, gather round! It’s time to spill the tea on the hottest makeup brand to grace the drag queen scene: Jecca Blac!

With a mission that screams inclusivity and a devotion to bringing our beautiful community together, Jecca Blac is the drag queen’s ultimate dream come true. Not only do they serve up cruelty-free makeup products that make your face beat for the gods, but they also know how to slay the game when it comes to embracing diversity.

Picture this: a brand that acknowledges the fierce power we queens possess, celebrating every facet of our glorious existence. From the fierce divas who’ve been strutting their stuff for decades to the fresh-faced baby queens just starting their journey, Jecca Blac is here for all of us.

But it doesn’t stop there, honey! Jecca Blac recognizes that beauty goes far beyond the boundaries of drag. They embrace all beauty lovers who refuse to be confined by society’s narrow definitions. Whether you’re a fierce queen, a fabulous non-binary icon, or a proud ally rocking your rainbow colors, this brand has got your back.

Joseph Harwood X Jecca Blac transformation, via Jecca Blac on YouTube.

So get ready, my loves, because we’re about to dive into the fabulous world of Jecca Blac. We’ll be exploring their incredible lineup of makeup products, discussing their skincare and hair products fit for a queen, and drooling over their must-have merch. Get ready to be Drag Queen Verified™, because with Jecca Blac, we’re about to take our slayage to a whole new level!

Now, grab your wig glue, your contour brushes, and your sassiest attitude, because Jecca Blac is about to become your new beauty obsession. Stay tuned for the juiciest details on their products, darling. It’s time to paint the town and paint our faces in the most fabulous way imaginable. Let’s do this, queens!

Correct & Conceal Palette – A Queen’s Secret Weapon

When it comes to slaying any look, correcting and concealing are essential steps in the makeup routine. The Correct & Conceal Palette, which comes in light, medium, and dark shades, has become an absolute game-changer for the Queens. With this palette, they can transform any face from drab to fab, erasing imperfections and snatching their haters’ misconceptions in one fabulous swipe. From neutralizing dark circles to covering blemishes, this palette has become their go-to for attaining a flawless canvas.

Sculpt & Soften Palette – The Ultimate Eraser

We gifted one of our favorite Dallas Divas, Barbie Davenport Dupree, with the Jecca Blac with the Sculpt & Soften Palette, and by that smile, we think she’s giving us the green light for this one. As you all well know, drag artists often time use products in a manner outside of their intended use – how else do you think they look so flawless? We saw this beauty in person recently at a show, and you’re gonna have to trust us – Barbie was all things sculpted, and all things softened!

Brow Seal & Block – Arch Perfection that Stops Traffic

In the world of drag, brows are everything! Jecca Blac’s Brow Seal & Bloc have become our secret weapons for brow perfection. The Brow Seal is essential for holding your powerful brows in place, and has a silky smooth application that lasts 24 hours! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that…

Oh wait, it does get better! In creating a blank canvas, the Brow Block provides a flattened, seamless base for the Queens to create their own unique brow shape that suits their fierce persona. Once those brows are on fleek, the Brow Seal locks them in place like a force field, ensuring they stay snatched throughout the fiercest of performances. These queens know that brows can stop traffic, and with Jecca Blac’s products, they’re serving brow goals that leave everyone in awe. 

Drag-Approved Makeup Magic

Darlings, it’s clear that Jecca Blac’s makeup products have won the hearts of the Queens from Drag Star Diva. From the Correct & Conceal to the Brow Seal & Block, these products have become staple favorites in their glam routines. Jecca Blac possesses magic that unleashes their creativity, elevates their artistry, and allows them to slay every stage they grace. So, take a page from the Queen’s book and get ready to slay all day with Jecca Blac’s fabulous makeup must-haves!

Trust us honey, these queens know a thing or two about serving face and looking fierce while doing it!

We are happy to announce that Jecca Blac is Drag Queen Verified™. CHECK THEM OUT!

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