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Unleashing the Z-Factor: The Glam-azing Products of Formula Z

By The Diva
Published July 20, 2023

When the legendary queen Blue Valentine – from deep in the heart of Texas –  gives their standing ovation to a makeup line, you know you’re in for some serious glitz. Our darling diva recently took Formula Z Cosmetics for a test drive, and let’s just say, it’s not a scene-stealer; it’s the show itself. 

The verdict? A resounding applause for a line that lets us step into our light, one gloss, one highlighter, one palette at a time. The line is more than a collection of products; it’s a celebration of individuality and self-expression, with each shade and shimmer encouraging you to unleash your own unique Z-Factor.

Gather around, because we’ve got some serious makeup magic to spill about Formula Z Cosmetics! Snaps fingers Trust us, this brand is serving looks hotter than a sizzling summer runway. Winks From dazzling eyeshadows to lipsticks that could stop traffic, Formula Z is the glittery paradise you’ve been dreaming of.

The best part? Their products are not only drop-dead gorgeous but also gender-inclusive,  cruelty-free and vegan! Yasss, divas, we love to see it! So, whether you’re a seasoned queen or just starting your drag journey, Formula Z Cosmetics is your one-way ticket to makeup euphoria. 

So, what’s in her bag….

Diamonds Are a Queen’s Best Pout: The Luxe Diamond Gloss

Your lips but better? Honey, please. With Formula Z’s Luxe Diamond Gloss, it’s your lips but bedazzling. Now this is no ordinary sparkle; it’s a three-dimensional shimmer that elevates your pout to glossy diva status. Infused with their innovative Hyaluronic Z Technology, it’s less about lip service and more about lip luxury. After all, who needs a crystal ball when you have a crystal gloss?

Highlighting a New Era: The ‘Hella Glo’ Amaze Glaze Highlighter

Formula Z’s ‘Hella Glo’ shade of their Amaze Glaze highlighter makes you wonder – who needs the sun when you can shine brighter on your own? This highlighter doesn’t just reflect light, it captures and dances with it, thanks to its multi-reflective jelly formulation. With the power of Hyaluronic Z Technology locked in every shimmering particle, it’s hydration and radiance in one sleek package. Just a dab of this iridescent dream, and you’ll outshine the stars with a radiance that’s undeniably you. So, turn off the spotlight, darling, the Hella Glo has arrived.

Blushing Beauty: The ‘Transforming Beauty’ Cheek Palette

Imagine having a sunset’s worth of colors in one compact palette. With two light-reflective highlighters and two blushes that are softer than a butterfly’s kiss, the ‘Transforming Beauty’ cheek palette is not just a palette, it’s an artist’s dream. Infused with Hyaluronic Z Technology, this palette promises an inner glow faster than you can say “cheek chic.”

Galactic Glamour: The ‘Cosmic Glitz’ Shadow Palette

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then the ‘Cosmic Glitz’ shadow palette is the starry night that frames them. Six pigment-rich shades promise to deliver looks ranging from sultry stargazer to sassy supernova. Each shade is like a celestial body ready to orbit your eyes and create a universe of stunning looks that captivate and inspire. With this palette, it’s not just a wink, it’s a constellation.

Flirting with Flawlessness: The ‘So Pretty’ Shadow Palette

The ‘So Pretty’ shadow palette is a masterclass in understated elegance. With its array of six pigment-dense shades, it ensures that your eyes are always the talk of the town. Whether you’re going for soft glam or a flirty flutter, this palette makes you realize that being ‘so pretty’ is really just the start. It’s an invitation to play, experiment, and discover new facets of your beauty, adding depth and dimension to your gaze.

Brushing Up on Brilliance: The Transformation Brush Set

The ‘Transformation Brush Set’ is where functionality meets fantasy. Comprising five essential brushes, it’s the backbone of any serious makeup routine. With their iridescent handles and holographic finish, these brushes don’t just enhance your beauty, they transform it. The set offers a seamless blend of utility and allure, bringing a professional touch to your personal beauty ritual, taking your makeup game from mundane to mesmerizing. 

Stepping into the Z-Light: Embracing Your Inner Diva

Alright, my fierce glamazons, it’s time to wrap up this fabulous journey into the sparkling world of Formula Z Cosmetics. Cue the confetti! From dazzling pigments to bold lipsticks that scream “drama,” this brand has truly stolen our hearts… and our makeup bags! 

And you may remember that we recently had the opportunity to sit down with the brand’s founder, Zack Dishinger. Take a moment to read – you’ll be happy you did.

We have officially granted Formula Z Drag Queen Verified™ status, so, stalk their website and let the makeup enchantment begin! Remember, makeup is all about expressing your unique self, so don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity and step into your fiercest fantasies. 

And always, always, remember to slay like the queens and kings you are! Until next time, stay fabulous, stay fierce, and keep on serving looks that will have the whole world gagging! Blows a dramatic kiss ??

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