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Drag Queen Verified™, Volume VIII

By Tay Lynn Monroe
Published September 27, 2023

The Ultimate Unleashing of Drag Queen Approval: Volition Beauty

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world of Volition Beauty, where transformative skincare reigns supreme. Today, we have the privilege of sharing the thoughts and praises of our beloved Queens, who had the pleasure of indulging in Volition’s marvelous skincare offerings. From the Adapint Super Seamless Mineral Shield to the Green Tea Blemish Neutralizer, these queens were left spellbound by the skincare magic Volition Beauty had to offer. 

Flawless Protection: Adapint Super Seamless Mineral Shield

When it comes to protecting their fabulous faces, our queens demand nothing less than perfection, Krystal Summers took the stage with Voltion’s Adapint Super Seamless Mineral Shield, and honey, it was love at first swipe! This divine creation seamlessly blended into her skin, providing an impeccable shield against the sun’s harmful rays. With its lightweight formula and natural coverage, Krystal was able to strut her stuff with confidence, knowing her skin was shielded and radiant, just like her show-stopping performances. 

Balancing Brilliance: Orangesicle Balancing Daily Cleaner

Krystal Summers also took Volition’s Orangesicle Balancing Daily Cleaner for a spin and was swept away with its brilliance. With each use, she experiences a burst of refreshing citrus-infused goodness that invigorates her senses and washes away the day’s impurities. The divine aroma of orangesicle filled the air as the cleanser gently purged her skin of dirt and grime, leaving her complexion perfectly balanced and ready to conquer the world with a flawless canvas that could rival any high-definition camera. 

Mist of Hydration: Screen Time Hydra-Mist

Volition’s Screen Time Hydra-Mist became the secret weapon for our queens’ glowing complexions. With a spritz, their skin received a burst of hydration that revived and refreshed. Whether it was on stage or off, the queens knew they could rely on this mystical mist to keep their skin looking luminous, even during the fiercest of performances. 

Youthful Radiance: Oceance Youth-Boost Gel-Cream

Volition’s Oceance Youth-Boost Gel-Cream proved to be a powerful ally in the queens’ quest for age-defying beauty. This luxurious gel-cream melted into their skin, delivering a surge of youth-boosting ingredients. As they applied this magical position, their complexions transformed into radiant canvases that embodies the essence of eternal glamor.

Blemish-Be-Gone: Green Tea Blemish Neutralizer

Jesse Chambliss, the embodiment of flawless perfection, trusted Volition’s Green Tea Blemish Neutralizer to keep his complexion blemish-free. With its potent infusion of green tea goodness, this powerful formula worked its magic, bidding farewell to unwanted spots and imperfections. Jesse waved goodbye to pesky blemishes, knowing his skin was ready for the spotlight without any distractions. Volition’s Green Tea Blemish Neutralizer became his secret weapon, allowing him to face the world with confidence, knowing his skin was flawless and camera-ready.

Volition Beauty Products

Unleash Your Flawless Beauty

Darlings, Volition has cast its spell on our drag queens with its extraordinary skincare offerings. From the Adaptint Super Seamless Mineral Shield that Krystal Summers adored to the Green Tea Blemish Neutralizer that Jesse Chambliss fell in love with, each product proved to be a force to be reckoned with, earning the stamp of approval from our fabulous queens. If you’re ready to embark on a skincare journey fit for a drag superstar, Volition is the brand to trust. Prepare to unleash your inner diva with flawless skin that’s ready to conquer the stage and the world beyond!

Volition Beauty stands out as a truly unique skincare brand, offering an innovative approach to meeting diverse skincare needs. What sets them apart is their commitment to effective and clean beauty, using only high-quality, safe ingredients in their products. Notably, they are both cruelty-free and vegan, aligning with ethical and sustainable values. Beyond their formulations, Volition Beauty extends their commitment to the environment by using recycled materials for their packaging. This brand not only cares for your skin but also for the world we live in. With Volition Beauty, you can confidently conquer life, knowing that your skincare routine not only enhances your beauty but also supports a more sustainable and compassionate future. There’s no better way to embrace life than with the confidence that Volition Beauty brings.

OH WAIT- and did we mention… Volition has a Skin Quiz. YES who doesn’t love to answer questions about themself?! This quiz is super easy and quick! All you have to do is tell it how it is- about your skin of course, and BOOM, they will send you what regimen fits for your skin type. It is really that easy! 

This skin care quiz is the perfect touch because I don’t know about you, but I HATE having to do a bunch of research on TikTok and online about what products I MIGHT need, and then go spend $100/product. 

Not with Volition Beauty! Each product is affordable and tells you exactly what it is and how it works. Right down to the history of the products- this is truly remarkable!

It’s essential to remember that supporting brands that support the real you is important. Show Volition Beauty some love, and next time you see their brand, make sure to tell your friends that Volition Beauty is officially Drag Queen Verified™

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