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The art of drag is a phenomenon – a whimsical world of laughter, uniqueness and creativity. From lashes and gloss, to wigs, lashes and heels, we are obsessed. Our obsession in not only with the material wonders – glittery gloss and snatched wigs – but perhaps even more so with the caricatures – the animated personas that take to the stage and move us into an alternate rainbow-colored universe.

Drag queens remind us to celebrate life. They remind us to take life by the balls – taped and all – and to make our experiences our own. So our site is dedicated to each performer, each showgirl, each animated character that works tirelessly to bring some joy into our own little world.

Got some gossip? Drop us a line and spill the tea. We are always looking for some sassy shit to share. 

And if you are looking to get some extra exposure (who isn’t) for you, your biz, or an upcoming event, we have some sickening advertising opportunities. Let us werk out something extra special just for you.