Alyssa Edwards Merch

Official Alyssa Edwards Merchandise Exclusivity Statement

Welcome to Drag Star Diva®, your premier destination for LGBTQIA+ merchandise! We take pride in being the exclusive merchandiser for the one and only drag superstar, Alyssa Edwards.

Q: Is Drag Star Diva® the only official merchandiser for Alyssa Edwards?

A: Absolutely! Drag Star Diva® is the exclusive and official merchandiser for all things Alyssa Edwards. Any other merchandiser claiming to sell products with Alyssa's likeness or image is doing so illegally and without authorization.

Q: Why should I purchase Alyssa Edwards merchandise from Drag Star Diva®?

A: When you shop with Drag Star Diva®, you can trust that you are getting authentic Alyssa Edwards merchandise directly endorsed and approved by the queen herself. By choosing Drag Star Diva®, you are supporting Alyssa and ensuring that her legacy is celebrated in a way that aligns with her vision.

Q: What actions will be taken against illegal merchandisers using Alyssa Edwards' image?

A: We take the protection of Alyssa Edwards' brand and image seriously. Any merchandiser selling products with Alyssa's likeness without proper authorization is engaging in illegal activities and will be subject to all applicable laws. We will take legal action to safeguard Alyssa's intellectual property rights and maintain the integrity of her brand.

Thank you for choosing Drag Star Diva® as your go-to source for Alyssa Edwards merchandise. Your support means the world to us and to the queen herself. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact our customer support team. Stay fabulous!