Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy: Slaying the Shipping Game with Sparkle and Sass! 

Hello, fabulous queens and kings! Welcome to the Drag Star Diva® shipping extravaganza, where the only thing faster than our dispatch is a wig snatch at a lip sync battle. Buckle up, because your fabulous finds are on their way!

Free Shipping Over $100: We love a good deal, honey! Spend $100 or more, and we'll sprinkle some free shipping magic on your order. Just remember, this dazzling offer can't be bedazzled with any other discount code or offer. Let the savings and the sequins rain down!

Getting the Glam to You: We know you're eager to rock your new Drag Star Diva® gear, and we're on it like contour on a fierce queen. It can take up to 3 days for us to glamify and ship your order. Once it's en route, expect the fabulousness to land at your doorstep within a week under normal circumstances. USPS, our partner in crime, is the magic carpet for your divalicious goodies.

International Slayage: For our international divas and divos, we're ready to spread the glam worldwide! International shipping takes a bit longer, so be patient, darling. It's like waiting for the finale – worth it! Expect your order to sashay into your arms in a bit more time than our local deliveries.

Tracking the Diva Journey: Want to keep tabs on your glam package's world tour? Once your order is on its way, we'll slide into your DMs with tracking info. Follow the sparkle trail, and you'll know exactly when to start rehearsing your acceptance speech for best-dressed in the neighborhood.

The Glamorous Fine Print: While we aim to make your shipping experience as smooth as a queen's runway walk, please note that delivery times can vary. Holidays, special events, or unexpected voguing competitions might cause a slight delay.

Ready to embrace the fabulous voyage of Drag Star Diva® shipping? Start shopping, secure those deals, and get ready for a delivery that'll leave you gagged and gasping for more!

If you have any questions or need a bit of extra love on your shipping journey, reach out to us at The only thing better than our merchandise is the journey it takes to reach your fabulous self!