Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Serving Sparkle with Security

Welcome to Drag Star Diva® - where glam meets privacy, and your online experience is as fabulous as our queens on stage. Your trust means the world to us, so we've got the tea on how we handle your data and keep it as secure as a wig during a lip-sync battle.

  1. Information We Collect: We're all about keeping it real and transparent. When you sashay through our website, we may collect some basic info – your name, email, and maybe a sprinkle of your fabulous preferences. We promise it's all to tailor your Drag Star Diva® experience and nothing more.
  2. How We Use Your Info: Your deets are like the secret ingredients in our signature cocktail – precious and guarded. We use your info to process orders, keep you in the loop about our latest drops, and maybe throw in a discount code or two. We'll never share your info with shady characters; that's just not our style.
  3. Cookies and Pixels: We love cookies – the digital kind! Our website uses them to track your fabulous journey and improve your user experience. It's all about making sure you find the sequined gems you're looking for.
  4. Keeping it Fort Knox Secure: Your data is as important as a queen's crown. We've got security measures in place tighter than a corset, so you can browse, shop, and sashay away without a worry.
  5. Third-Party Links: Sometimes, we may throw in links to other fabulous places. Just a heads up – we can't vouch for their privacy practices, so be cautious when venturing beyond our sequin-covered borders.
  6. Your Choices, Your Power: You're the queen of your domain. If you want to update, delete, or just chat about your data, slide into our DMs at Your wish is our command.
  7. Updates and Changes: Queens evolve, and so do we. We might tweak our Privacy Policy to keep it as on-point as our contour. Any changes will be posted here, so you're always in the loop.

By strutting your stuff on Drag Star Diva®, you're not just shopping; you're joining a community. Your privacy is our priority, and we're committed to making your online experience as fierce as you are. If you have any questions or just want to chat about life, love, or lip gloss, reach out to us at