Terms and Conditions

Terms + Agreements: Strutting Through the Legalese with Glam and Glitter! 

Welcome to the legal runway, where the only thing sharper than our terms is the cut of a fierce contour. At Drag Star Diva®, we believe in serving up our terms with a side of sass and a sprinkle of sparkle. Buckle up, because it's time to waltz through the legal masterpiece that keeps our fabulous kingdom running smoothly.

The Queen's Code of Conduct: By sashaying through our website, you're agreeing to abide by the Queen's Code. This means playing nice, embracing diversity, and leaving the shade at the door. We're all about love, glitter, and unity, so let's keep it fab, darling.

Royalty and Rights: All the glitz and glamour on our website? It's ours, honey! We own the rights to everything dazzling you see, from the merch to the mesmerizing content. No snatching allowed without our royal permission.

Shop Smart, Shop Sassy: When you hit that "Buy Now" button, you're committing to a journey of fabulousness. Make sure you're ready to own it, because we currently don't do returns or exchanges. Our goods are like one-of-a-kind drag performances – unforgettable.

Free Shipping Shenanigans: Our free shipping over $100 deal? It's the crown jewel of deals, but keep in mind it can't be mixed with other discounts or codes. One fabulous offer at a time, sweetie!

International Odyssey: For our international divas and divos, shipping takes a bit longer. Be patient, channel your inner royalty, and get ready for a diva-licious arrival.

Privacy Palace: Your privacy is our sacred space. We won't spill the tea on your personal info. Check out our Privacy Policy for the full glam scoop.

Changes and Glitches: We reserve the right to tweak our terms to keep the legal choreography in sync. Any changes will be posted here, so you're always in the loop.

Feeling the legal beat? Dive into our Terms + Agreements, where the law meets the runway, and justice never looked so fabulous. If you have questions or need a bit of legal love, hit us up at thediva@dragstardiva.com. Now, sashay through the legal drama like the legal royalty you are!