Trademark Info

Trademark Notice: Staking Our Claim on Fabulousness! 

Welcome to the realm of Drag Star Diva® – where every strut, sparkle, and sequin is a trademark of unapologetic fabulousness. We're here to officially declare that we've trademarked our divine brand, and we're ready to protect the sparkle that sets us apart.

Trademarked Glam: The name Drag Star Diva® and all associated logos, designs, and elements are our pride and joy. They're not just identifiers; they're the essence of the unparalleled fabulousness you've come to love.

Intellectual Property Royalty: Just like a queen fiercely protecting her crown, we take our intellectual property seriously. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or imitation of our trademarked elements is a one-way ticket to a legal showdown – and not the glamorous kind.

Our Legal Arsenal: We're armed with the legal artillery to defend our trademark. This includes but is not limited to legal actions against those attempting to steal our shine or profit off our hard-earned fabulousness.

Respecting the Sparkle: We encourage our fabulous community to respect the sparkle and play by the rules. If you ever spot any unauthorized use or suspect foul play, be our superhero by reaching out to

Join the Fabulous Revolution: When you embrace Drag Star Diva®, you're not just supporting a brand; you're joining a revolution of glamour, empowerment, and authenticity. Thank you for strutting along with us on this fabulous journey!

If you have any questions or want to discuss the glam-tastic world of trademarks, drop us a line at Now, go forth, sparkle responsibly, and let the world know that Drag Star Diva® is a registered trademark of pure, unadulterated fabulousness!