Return Policy

Return Policy: Where the Glam Stays Put and the Deals are Fiercer Than a Lip Sync Battle!

Hello, darling divas! At Drag Star Diva®, we believe in serving you nothing but the fiercest and most fabulous goodies. Now, when it comes to returns and exchanges, we've got a policy as bold and unapologetic as our queens on stage.

  1. The Sparkle Stays: Once our glitter-packed packages hit your doorstep, consider the sparkle official. We currently don't offer returns or exchanges because, well, you've already snagged a piece of fabulous history. It's yours to flaunt, and we know you're going to werk it!
  2. Damaged Diva Drama: In the rare event that your package arrives looking less "Yas Queen!" and more "Oh no, honey," fret not! If you've got a damaged diva on your hands, slide into our DMs at We'll channel our inner fairy dragmother to make things right and ensure you're back to slaying in no time.
  3. Final Sale, Darling: All those marked-down gems and discount delights? Consider them your golden ticket to fabulousness. Once they're yours, they're yours for good. We're talking final sale, no take-backs, no do-overs – just the fierce fashion finds you've been dreaming of.
  4. How to Reach the Drag Command Center: Got a concern, a question, or just want to share some love? Contact us at Our customer service squad is ready to turn any frown upside down and make your Drag Star Diva® experience as glam as a rhinestone-studded gown.

Remember, queens, you're not just shopping; you're crafting a legacy of fabulousness with every Drag Star Diva® purchase. So, unleash your inner diva, slay the fashion game, and let the glam revolution begin!