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Get A Grip Tee

Get A Grip Tee

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Introducing our "Get a Grip" tee, written in dazzling gold glitter and inspired by the iconic mantra of Alyssa Edwards: "Get a Grip, Get a Life, and Get Over It." Honey, wear a slice of Alyssa's no-nonsense fabulousness wherever you go! This tee isn't just clothing; it's a hilariously chic slap in the face to drama. Whether you're slaying your day or strutting through life's obstacles, this tee's got your back and a whole lot of attitude. So, when the world throws shade, just remember: Slip on your tee, flaunt your fabulousness, and sashay away, darling! Drama-free style, served with a side of fierce sass.

Wrap yourself in gold glitter sass and let this tee do the talking. 

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