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Lipsync Assassin Tee

Lipsync Assassin Tee

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Unleash your inner lip-sync slayer with our "Lipsnyc Assassin" tee! This shirt is an ode to the fiercest battles in Drag Race herstory, where queens conquer the stage one lip-sync at a time. Whether you're a lip-sync assassin or just want to channel that dramatic diva energy, this tee is your license to sashay and slay. It's like wearing a wink and a nod to the world of epic lip-sync showdowns that make you feel ready to take on any challenge with style and sass.

Strike a pose, hit that beat, and let the lip-syncing legend within you shine!

Prepare to swaddle yourself in pure diva luxury with our shirts made from premium tri-blend poly-cotton! These threads offer an ultra-soft, touch-me-and-I-might-purr kind of feel that'll have you living your most comfy yet fab life. But here's the tea, honey: Keep that fabulousness intact by flipping these babies inside out and giving them a cold-water spa day when it's laundry time. It's all about preserving that snuggle-worthy charm while strutting your stuff.

Go ahead, slay and lounge like the boss you are!

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