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Love is Love Tee

Love is Love Tee

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Wear your heart on your sleeve (or should we say, chest?) with our "Love is Love" tee!

This tee is a tapestry of positivity, weaving together a vibrant butterfly of LGBTQ+ quotes that celebrate unity and self-expression. From "Queer and Fearless" to "Love Has No Labels," every word is a reminder that diversity is our strength and love knows no bounds. It's like a wearable love letter to the world that radiates with every step you take.

Whether you're voguing through the streets or simply embracing the fabulous you, this tee is all about proudly showing that love truly is love. Prepare to swaddle yourself in pure diva luxury with our shirts made from premium tri-blend poly-cotton! These threads offer an ultra-soft, touch-me-and-I-might-purr kind of feel that'll have you living your most comfy yet fab life.

But here's the tea, honey: Keep that fabulousness intact by flipping these babies inside out and giving them a cold-water spa day when it's laundry time. It's all about preserving that snuggle-worthy charm while strutting your stuff.

At the end of the day, love really is just love. 

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