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Rainbow Mafia Tee

Rainbow Mafia Tee

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Join the fabulous ranks with our "Rainbow Mafia" tee!

This shirt isn't just clothing - it's a playful nod to the vibrant community that's got flair for days. Embrace the humor and show your pride with this tongue-in-cheek declaration that says, "Yep, I'm part of the Rainbow Mafia!" Whether you're strutting down the street or sending glitter bombs of love, this tee lets everyone know you're in on the secret of fabulousness. It's not just a shirt; it's a statement, a wink, and a burst of joy that radiates through every color of the rainbow.

Own your place in the squad, darling! Prepare to swaddle yourself in pure diva luxury with our shirts made from premium tri-blend poly-cotton! These threads offer an ultra-soft, touch-me-and-I-might-purr kind of feel that'll have you living your most comfy yet fab life.

Keep that fabulousness intact by flipping these babies inside out and giving them a cold-water spa day when it's laundry time. It's all about preserving that snuggle-worthy charm while strutting your stuff. 

Shall we call you a mafioso? We think so. 

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